Posted by: lfieldsnbose | February 24, 2012

What were the challenges?

Ok…some folks have asked about the kind of challenges we had to do along the way, so here you go…

A couple of days we didn’t have any challenges, but days on which we had challenges, a recurring theme was to fill up gas (petrol) at a gas station on the way or sometimes two stops on the same day!  Some were tricky – names of the vendors had changed or there were no sign boards, so you had to ask around.

On our way from Pondicherry to Thanjavur, we had a set of challenges in Cuddalore (silver beach?) and some questions to answer at the Vaideeswaran temple.

On our way to Kanyakumari, we had an interesting challenge – to find the Panaikudi police station, and identify the unique thing about that police station.

Not sure if any of these challenges were even scored by the organizers, but we turned in our sheets at the end of every day.  Never saw a scorecard for the trip, but the challenges were fun!






  1. What wasa the unique thing you were to identify at the police station?

    • A tree packed with bats…glad we got there before 6 pm. Otherwise we would have missed seeing them 🙂

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