Posted by: dalefaio | January 1, 2012

Chennai to Pondicherry

Team Tuk and Roll along with the other 13 team’s partaking in the 2011-2012 Classic Run headed out of Chennai yesterday morning for the 146 KM run to Pondicherry.  Getting out of town was fairly easy with Jeremy piloting the Super Kings ride, and Udayan driving for Kingfisher.

We went at a fairly leisurely pace with stops at the Shore Temple, the Crocodile Bank, and we stopped to top off tanks and emptied a couple (bio break).  The scenery in the countryside is spectacular.  Warm, humid and wind-free, the low lying estuaries and rice paddies are green and lush.  Some water covered areas reminded us that a major storm had passed through less than 24 hours earlier as flood waters extended in some cases to withing a foot or two of roof lines.  The local cows, bulls, goats, and water buffalo enjoyed the bounty that the storm deposited for them as they feasted on leaves and vegetation from all of the downed trees.

We reached the finish line at about 5:30 PM after weaving through a mile or two of Pondicherry’s helter skelter traffic which we were informed consists of a ratio of four two-wheeled vehicles for every one car.  Many more trees are down in town, some store fronts, and residences are damaged, and we a small communication tower on top of a business that is crumpled.  It appears that maybe only half of the town has power, making things like clean towels at our B & B, cold beer, and dining options fairly limited.  All that did very little to cut into our fun though as we kicked it in Bose’s dad’s room (Papa Bose, not Niranjan) with some Indian snacks, Kingfishers, Indian’s own Signature whiskey, and Bacardi.  After the pre-func we got a massive feast of a take out meal and headed back to our comfy little villa which is a stone’s throw from the Bay of Bengal to ring in the new year.

Trudy packed about 60 glow sticks that we divided up with the plan being  to wade into the masses along Beach Road and put them on little kids’ wrists.  Bose kind of half heartedly advised against this telling us that it would be chaos and we would be mobbed.  It was chaos and we did get mobbed but it was a pure fun.  It’s always fun to wish your friends, old and new, a Happy New Year!   It’s a universal salutation and the people of Pondicherry were very eager to wish our little foursome of westerners a Happy New Year.

We started New Year’s Day with an Indian omelet then headed up to Auroville before coming back into town for a late lunch, and then to a shrine in the middle of town that has an elephant outside to greet worshippers.  When we got to the shrine, the elephant was not on duty so we were kind of bummed about that…. until Jeremy yelled, “there’s an elephant.”  We chased after it and after about four blocks were walking down the middle of the streets with hundreds of other people, and an elephant.  Only in !ndia.

Happy New Year!!!









  1. Leave it to a Fallt to find an elephant…

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