Posted by: lfieldsnbose | December 30, 2011

A visit to Udavum Karangal

Helping Hands…a moving visit indeed.  I have visited many a hospital in India, and many an NGO, but this visit was special.  We have fundraised nearly $6000 for them as part of this rickshaw challenge, and wanted to visit one of their facilities.  We picked Shanthivanam (in Thirverkadu) and braved the cyclonic weather in Chennai and headed out there this morning.  EXTREMELY GLAD we did.  A great start to our rickshaw adventure – the work being done by this organization is outstanding.  Kids who had been abandoned, orphans, etc. have a bright future ahead of them, after they are brought in to Udavum Karangal.  Although different lines of work, this visit reminded me of my trip to the Missionaries of Charity’s Leprosy Rehab Center (outside Kolkata).

Congratulations, Mr. Vidyaakar.  Thank you for allowing us to be a drop in the bucket of Udavum Karangal’s excellent work.

Visit to Shanthivanam




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