Posted by: dalefaio | December 11, 2011

Number Crunch

The entire state of Tamil Nadu, which is where I will be tearing it up in my little tuk tuk with my teammates, would fit into an area about 1/3 the size of California.  Here’s where the digits get really crunchy, there are about twice as many people in the Tamil Nadu as there are in Cali.  And, all of those SoCal commuters think that they have traffic issues.

Did I mention to all of you that you need to  wish good luck on Team Tuk and Roll and Tuk and Roll Two.  No, none of this kind of “oh yeah, I have a couple of free seconds in my day to whisper a good luck for my friends Dave, Bose, Udayan, and Jeremy.”  I mean, sit down, focus, see our faces in your mind’s eye and wish us luck in the same meaningful way that you wished for a bike or pony when you were seven years old.  If you were one of the fortunate ones who got that dreamed of bike or pony from Santa, we would especially appreciate your “luck wishing skills.”  You’ve got 21 days to start wishing us good luck but, please do not procrastinate on this one, start today…. Please!!!

Check out the cool video below  that includes a friend of Jer’s who participated in the rickshaw challenge a couple of years ago:

Royal Rickshaw Challenge



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