Posted by: dalefaio | November 17, 2011


Well this little go cart rally is really about to happen for Team Tuk and Roll as we are now only 45 days away from the start of the race.  We’ve made a lot of progress in our pre-race planning over the last several days.  There’s a big check list to make when you’re planning to drive around India in a three wheeler.  Whether it be for the pure thrill and recklessness of it all, or thrill and recklessness plus advocating for a charitable cause or two there are a lot of  little details (visas, lodging, shots:  typhoid, malaria, polio booster, international driver’s license, mechanic, spare parts, internet connection, site visits, goodies for kids: candy, gummy vitamins, postcards, stickers, diarrhea meds (over the counter might not cut it), sleeping sacks, maps, toilet paper, courage/foolishness, etc.) that need to be worked out.  The Tuk and Rollers are shooting for the moon and aren’t settling for anything but total success in the fun department while giving something to the people of India for hosting us in our adventure.

So, what have we been up to since the beginning of November?

–  We got this blog up and running.  Yours truly (Dave Alefaio) has a little experience as a blogger as I have been populating the blogspere with a song a day complete with commentary about music, life, attempts at humor, and other stray and random ramblings via my blog (playondaily,com) which has been up and running since August of 2009.  So, I got assigned to captain the blog and although I was successful at slapping some words together and creating our “About” page almost instantly, the Team Tuk and Roll blog has been dormant since then.  We’re getting close to “go” time though so the posts will be flying out of my finger tips at least a couple of times per week for the next six weeks.  Once the race starts, this will be the place, as well as Facebook to come and see journal entries, pictures of cute little Indian kids, and vidoes with graphic reenactments of Tuk and Roll team members’ scraped knees as the result of cornering at excessive speed and flying out of their tuk tuk.

–  Bose (the honorable Dr. Niranjan Bose… unofficial team captain… official instigator of the Tuk and Rollers tipping too many Kingfishers) has managed to do some interviewing and eventual stamping of approval on the charities for which we are running this rally.

Udavum Karangal (Helping Hands) is an orphanage in India that has taken in over 1,600 people who have been basically discarded from society.  The organization takes in people of all ages with many of the residents suffering from mental illness.  Over 600 of the current residents are between one month and 20 years of age with almost 500 of them being enrolled in school.

In discussing what kind of organization(s) we would like to advocate for, we were obviously focused on giving to something that would benefit those most in need of India, and we wanted it to be something that was in the general vicinity of the race route so that we could do a site visit.  Udavum Karangal fit this perfectly since their main facility is located just outside of the Chennai which is where the race starts.  Bose had a great visit recently while in Chennai and as a team we have decided that they are our primary cause. Our fundraising is well underway and we feel that our final numbers will make a real difference in the good work that Udavum Karangal does.

Bose also made contact with representatives of Rotary Club of Chennai who we will be partnering with during the race.

–  Jeremy (The Original PAB) Fallt has been instrumental in securing sponsorship money from Zimmer who has signed on as a sponsor for one of our teams.  I’m thinking that Jeremy has kind of been unofficially nominated as team treasurer as he has also set up our Justgive website (see link) which will allow our friends and followers to directly give to Udavum Karangal.

–  Our fundraiser event dinner/trivia/beer drinking session/raffle/Bollywood night is taking form.  Udayan Deshpande is the chief organizer for this event which promises to be a fun filled, and belly filled night for all who attended.  We are in the final stages of wrapping up the details which we’ll announce to the world in the next several days.

–  As a group, we are working our networks in search of sponsorships and contributions to our charities.  Want to help?  If so, we would love to talk to you so please contact one of us, or leave a comment below.

That’s all for now but things are really starting to gear up so check this space often for more details as Team Tuk and Roll readies itself for India.




  1. Can’t wait to track your big adventure!

  2. I think it is great that you will be fundraising for the orphanage. I don’t have any wild sponsorship ideas… maybe you guys should ‘get Jesse’ to milk some local businesses of funds…

  3. CONGRATULATIONS Niranjan and Team on the GREAT work. Many many years ago I participated in the GoodYear Rally and actually WON!!!

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